How do you find the stuff you need when you need it?

Fran TomachLike every other kid, Fran Tomach got tired of being told to clean up her room. But a funny thing happened when she went off to college. She found she couldn't help herself and had to keep things tidy. That was quite awhile ago, and she hasn't looked back. Every space she has lived and worked in has been meticulously — and artfully — organized. For most of the past two decades, Fran worked in retailing, acquiring a terrific knowledge of the many beautiful and useful things and materials that can so easily fill our lives.

She enjoyed her stints at fashion industry giants like May Merchandising and Federated, and helped design and produce exclusive product lines for the QVC shopping network. Fran initially put that experience to work in her own promotional products company, The Smart Shopper, but clients, colleagues and friends kept asking for help with organization. That's why she founded The Smart Organizer. Fran resides in Manhattan, and when she is not helping people put things in order, she enjoys gardening, skiing and tennis. During the summer, she spends as much time as possible at her small — but enviably orderly — house on Fire Island.

It’s one thing to talk about being organized. It is another thing altogether to create and implement a system for organization that reflects who you are and that conforms to your way of working, living and being. Just as it wasn't enjoyable to have Mom tell you to clean up your room it's no fun to work with an organizer who makes you feel bad about the way things have gotten out of control or who imposes a strict system that's not a good fit for your busy life.

The Smart Organizer's low-key approach, combined with our ability to help clients understand the underlying reasons and co-factors for clutter and overwhelm issues, makes working with us a breeze. We view each organizational challenge as an opportunity for mutual creativity We will help you transform your environment into what you want it to be using engaging colors, designs and materials. Once your organizing project is complete, you will have the tools you need to stay organized – and you will want to use them because they will be fun and tailored to your habits and tastes.

While we can tackle organizational jobs of just about any size, our best clients are individuals and businesses with large-scale organizing issues who are ready to free up space — both physical and psychic — by putting things where they can actually be used. We are experts in showing our clients how less can be more.

We specialize in:

  • Relocation, both local and long distance
  • Collections, including clothing, books, art and memorabilia
  • Storage spaces, including closets, kitchens and compartments
  • Digitizing information, including photographs, music and documents

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